Mayor Tammy endorses Treg Bernt in Meridian City Council Race

In a personal letter to area residents, Mayor Tammy said, “We’ve come a long way as a city. We can help keep it that way by ensuring the election of competent, dedicated and proven citizens who are ready to hit the ground running after they’re elected. Treg’s demonstrated all that, and more, which is why Councilman Bird is joining me in endorsing Treg Bernt for Meridian City Council.”

Mayor Tammy joined Councilman Keith Bird, who has also endorsed Bernt, saying, “As a former President of the City of Meridian Parks & Recreation Commission, former member of the Meridian Impact Fees Commission and as a Meridian Planning & Zoning Commissioner, Treg Bernt has immersed himself in studying and helping to govern the growth of Meridian. It’s given him the experience Meridian residents expect out of a prospective city councilman.”

Both said that “Please join us in not only supporting, but also endorsing, Treg Bernt for Meridian City Council.”

In response, Treg stated, “I couldn’t be more thrilled with Mayor Tammy and Keith’s endorsements. To me, these are the two biggest, most meaningful endorsements one could possibly receive in this election. Under Mayor Tammy’s wise, steady leadership, Meridian has emerged as one of the top cities in America to live, relocate and start a business. Her passion for reaching out to residents and listening to them is an example I’ll try to emulate.”

“We have a lot of important issues in Meridian — traffic, growth, downtown revitalization and more. They know — and thousands of other Meridian residents are already stepping forward saying — that now isn’t the time for on-the-job training. We need proven, experienced leadership on the city council which can hit the ground running on these issues and more. I’m fully dedicated to ensuring that for Meridian,” Bernt said.

You can read Mayor Tammy’s letter here.