City Councilman Keith Bird Endorses Treg Edit Title & Configs

Meridian City Councilman Keith Bird has announced that he is supporting Treg Bernt for City Council!

In a personal letter to area residents, Bird said, "As a former President of the City of Meridian Parks & Recreation Commission, former member of the Meridian Impact Fees Commission and as a Meridian Planning & Zoning Commissioner, Treg Bernt has immersed himself in studying and helping to govern the growth of Meridian. It’s given him the experience Meridian residents expect out of a prospective city councilman."

Bird also said, "By visiting, clicking “Donate!” and contributing the maximum amount you feel comfortable with, you can help ensure the city’s leaders continue to provide proactive, responsive leadership without skipping a beat."

In response, Treg stated, "Keith's endorsement means a tremendous amount to me. His dedication to Meridian, and his experienced leadership on the city council, has helped our businesses and families prosper and thrive. I can't thank him enough, and hope to have the opportunity to fill his shoes as best I can."

A copy of Councilman Bird's letter is below. Please click to read the PDF.